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Northern Belize Hotels

Northern Belize encompasses the towns of Orange Walk and Corozal where the proximity to the border with Mexico finds a people that are fluent in both English and Spanish, and are predominantly a mix of Spaniards and Maya, known as the Mestizo.   

Orange Walk is known for the New River lagoon with remote jungle swamps, theming with exotic plants, and wildlife, as well as the Maya sites of Lamanai, popular on the tourist’s radar.  Nohmul another Maya site is still in its natural state and overgrown by the jungle, while the La Milpa Reserve, the 3rd largest site in the country has been partially uncovered.  At La Milpa, it’s possible to see and participate in a dig between April – July.  The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, managed by Program for Belize, is the largest private protected area in Belize with a rich sample of biodiversity including 392 species of birds, 200 species of trees, 70 species of mammals & 30 species of freshwater fish. 

Corozal on the other hand, is fronted on the east by the Corozal Bay, and has charming resorts, parks and a large expat community.  This area is popular for the Maya sites of Cerros, which is perched on the seaside, and Santa Rita, only a mile away from Corozal, where one can garner a panoramic view of the town.  The picturesque fishing village of Sarteneja is nearby as is the Shipstern Nature Preserve.